(Persia Digest) – Ghoorabeh stew is one of the best traditional yummy foods of Guilan Province in northern Iran.

The original recipe is made with chicken but it can also be made with red meat based on preferences. If you prefer to use red meat, half a kilo of boned meat can replace the chicken.


1300g Chicken

500g Fine herbes (chives, mint, parsley, coriander)

500g Verjuice

250g Walnuts

4 Eggs

2-3 Cups water

4 tbsp Caramelized onion

4 tbsp Oil

Salt and pepper to the taste

Rinse the chicken or meat, remove the extra fat and braise with the caramelized onion on low heat until tender. Chop the herbes finely and sauté slightly with a little oil in a hot frying pan. Add the herbes to the meat or chicken and leave to simmer.

Grind and add the walnuts to the simmering stew and let its oil gently mix with the other ingredients.

Add salt, pepper, and verjuice when the meat or chicken is tender and let the mixture simmer gently until the juices are reduced.

Add the eggs in the final stage of cooking and remove the pot from the heat when these are cooked. Serve with steamed rice.

If the stew is too watery after cooking, add one tbsp of rice flour dissolved in cold water to the mixture and simmer gently until the extra juices are reduced.

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