(Persia Digest) – The Iranian President has addressed Western powers, saying: “The Islamic Republic will return the Arak reactor to its pre-JCPOA condition from 7 July.
In today’s cabinet meeting, Hassan Rouhani said: “As from 7 July, the Islamic Republic will take its next step. If you want to express regrets do it now and if you want to issue statements do it now.”
He stressed that enrichment levels will no longer be kept at 3.67 percent, reiterating: “We will stop this obligation and enrich uranium to levels set by ourselves and our needs.”
Rouhani continued: “The Islamic Republic will return the Arak reactor to its previous condition from 7 July - the same conditions which, according to you, were dangerous for the potential to produce weapons-grade plutonium – unless Western countries comply with all their commitments to the Arak reactor.
Addressing Europe and the US, he added: “Return to the negotiating table with logic, understanding, lawfulness, and respect for UNSC resolutions. We will remain committed to the JCPOA so far as the other parties remain committed to it. We will comply with the JCPOA 100 percent to the day the other parties remain committed to it 100 percent.”
Pointing to the ineffectiveness of the European financial channel for engaging with Iran, Rouhani said: “Instex is hollow and useless for us. It is an empty channel right now with nothing in it.”
He added that Iran has given ample time to the Europeans, saying: “This is not a tit for tat game, but we can turn time back within an hour.”
Addressing the Americans, he said: “You have been playing with fire in our region for a year now. Why did you light a fire when you say it is dangerous? Only you can put it out.”
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