(Persia Digest) - In a letter to The Washington Times editor, Harry Blaney writes that David Ignatius’s June 28 op-ed, “The weakness in Trump’s showdown with Iran,” outlined clearly the debacle that is President Trump’s approach to Iran and his confrontational leadership. He has at every stage acted irresponsibly, starting with withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear pact and extending to his latest silly sanctions and provocations, not least his dangerous and idiotic threat of “obliteration” of Iran without any U.S. troops on the ground. This means massive bombing, which means possibly millions of deaths of innocent civilians and can only indicate that Mr. Trump is, as some presidential candidates have said, the most dangerous man on the planet.

Mr. Ignatius noted that Mr. Trump’s answer, in place of strategic and rational thinking, was to “harass the European allies that the United States needs to contain Iranian behavior.” Also missing is the wise employment of smart diplomacy that works to encourage Iran and others to find safer ground, as then-President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State John F. Kerry did in obtaining the initial accord halting Iran’s nuclear weapons efforts.

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In the Cold War, presidents initiated intensive dialogue with the Soviet Union, leading to arms control and other agreements that kept the lid on senseless disasters and confrontations. Mr. Trump’s only aim seems to be to create dangerous chaos and antagonism. All Mr. Trump has achieved is moving Iran toward nuclear capabilities. We remain with Mr. Trump always at high risk.

The writer, a retired Foreign Service officer, is a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy

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