(Persia Digest) – The representative of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has said: “Real and legal personalities from overseas are interested in taking part at the IRENEX energy stock exchange for crude oil transactions. We are looking to fulfill this request.”

Amir-Hossein Tabianian told IRNA that foreign entities are able to take part in IRENEX and a number of real and legal personalities have already been issued a stock market code. In addition, a number of entities have also contacted NIOC to take part in these transactions.

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He reiterated: “Their participation in IRENEX to buy and sell crude oil is unlimited.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that NIOC offers one cargo of light or heavy crude oil or gas condensate on IRENEX every Tuesday. A cargo of two million barrels of heavy oil will be on offer this Tuesday.

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