(Persia Digest) - A 5.7-magnitude earthquake, occurred at the depth of 17 km, struck suburbs of Masjed Soleiman in Khuzestan Province, southwestern Iran.

The strong quake was felt in other provinces including Lorestan, Isfahan, Ilam, Hamedan, Kermanshah and other regions.

According to latest reports, the tremor killed at least one and injured 115 more. It also destroyed buildings.

The quake damaged electricity supply network in various areas of Masjed Soleiman and disturbed mobile antenna systems in some other parts.

Khuzestan Governorate said that several helicopters have been dispatched to the quake-hit areas in Masjed Soleiman.

Several 4.7, 4 and 3.9-magnitude after-shocks have also been registered so far.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Office of National Iranian South Oil Company has reported: “The earthquake has not damaged oil facilities in Khuzestan.”

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