(Persia Digest) - While Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has forbidden trading Bitcoin, the number of those interested in producing and purchasing this digital currency is mounting.

Bitcoin Mining has been having a remarkable growth in Iran in recent months encouraging more people to engage in Bitcoin mining to obtain more benefits.

The high rate of Bitcoin benefits has led many people to engage in Bitcoin mining with free electricity in chicken farms, agricultural farms and factories.

Bitcoin mining with industrial and, in some cases, free electricity is increasing in Iran and the country is known as a new hub for Bitcoin mining while based on official announcements, there is no law for such activities in the country.

CBI’s Deputy for Modern Technologies, Naser Hakimi, has said trading Bitcoin is banned in Iran upon approvals of the Supreme Council on Anti-Money Laundering and people should not engage in those activities. However, he also talked about absence of legal bans on Bitcoin mining and added that government has been missioned to make due decision to this end.

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Meanwhile, Speaker of Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) Ali Larijani reacted to Bitcoin mining in Iran by saying: “This is against the law since Bitcoin mining consumes so much amounts of electricity.”

Iran’s Ministry of Energy is to announce new tariffs for those engaged in Bitcoin mining to increase its cost and reduce pressures on energy supplying networks.

Presently, mining one unit of Bitcoin in Iran costs about USD2700 while its price is USD11770 in the country.

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