(Persia Digest) - One of the most beautiful and spectacular deserts in Iran is Varzaneh Desert located near the city of the same name in Isfahan Province.

Varzaneh Desert is located 100 km east of Isfahan and 150 km west of Yazd, and reaches the Gavkhouni Lagoon from the east, and Varzaneh County and Zayandehrud from the north. The largest desert recreational site in Iran is located here. Varzaneh Desert is a vast, wide area covered with sandy regions, clean sand, moving sand and dunes, and has a variety of vegetation due to its proximity to Gavkhouni Lagoon and the humidity of this lagoon. But what distinguishes this desert from other deserts in Iran is the variety of wind directions that have formed longitudinal, cresentic [barchans] and star dunes, thus creating a unique landscape in eastern Isfahan.

Photos: Milad Nalbandian / Reporters' Club

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