(Persia Digest) - Ghairameh or roasted spear thistle is one of the local dishes of Kurdistan Province in western Iran which resembles Western dishes. Of course, in this area this dish is served with kateh boiled rice or bread to form a full meal.


1 kg Spear thistle

1 Cup Flour

1 tbsp Salt and pepper

1 tsp Crushed cumin

1 tsp Baking powder

3 Eggs

1/2 Cup milk

3 tbsp Melted butter

3 tbsp Melted saffron

2 Cups oil

2.5 Cups kateh rice

1 Cup strained or creamy Yogurt

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First, remove the spear thistle's thorns, wash and cut into pieces.

Place the flour in a dish and add salt, pepper, cumin and baking powder to it and mix well.

Mix the eggs, milk, butter and melted saffron in a bowl and stir well; add the flour and stir until it becomes as thick as yogurt (if it is a little thin, you can add some flour to it).

Then add the spear thistles to the mix’ fry and serve with kateh rice. If you do not like spear thistles, you can use celery instead.

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