(Persia Digest) – Iran’s top diplomat has said: “The trigger mechanism cannot be implemented because the JCPOA has a section 26 of its own which we have now implemented.”

On the sidelines of a cabinet meeting today, Javad Zarif said: “This is a European problem. They are not ready to pay the price for their own security and their main issue is with the US which has exited the JCPOA nuclear deal.”

He underlined that talks under pressure are not possible, adding: “Pressures, economic war, and economic terrorism against the Iranian people must end before we can discuss the JCPOA.”

Speaking about a meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors, Zarif reiterated: “It is interesting that a country which has torn the JCPOA apart is demanding a meeting for its abrogation. The meeting is irrelevant.”

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Commenting on the eleven commitments made by Europe to Iran following the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, he reiterated: “The recent seizure of an Iranian oil tanker by Britain is an abrogation of its commitments, because this has taken place on behalf of the US to carry out the Iran oil sanctions. It is not linked to Syria in any way. This is a fundamental abrogation of the JCPOA deal.”

The Iranian FM added: “Steps taken by other countries to arrest Iranians on US behalf is the abrogation of the JCPOA, because the US has demanded their capture for circumventing sanctions which do not exist under the JCPOA.”

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About the rumors of exchanging Nazanin Zaghari for the seized oil tanker, he said: “We have received no such proposal. The British have committed piracy and have no room for a deal.”

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