(Persia Digest) – A large residential-recreational complex will be built for tourists on Kish Island in southern Iran with Turkish investments of 100 million dollars.

The MoU for the investment was signed on the island on Wednesday by the Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) Managing Director and the director of a Turkish company active in the tourism industry.

Work on the complex will start soon. It is to include 1000 bedrooms, be equipped with the latest residential facilities for guests, grand reception halls and meeting rooms, a number of restaurants for women and families, separate beaches for women and men, sports grounds and centers, waterpark for women, separate swimming pools and massage areas for men and women, and amusement areas for families. The complex will be located on 10 thousand hectares of land.

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Speaking at the signing ceremony, the KFZO MD said: “This huge tourist complex will attract many domestic and foreign visitors to the island.”

Pointing to the interest shown by regional countries like Qatar, Oman, and Iraq to invest and expand trade ties with Kish Island, Gholam-Hossein Mozafari added: “Adequate infrastructures and airport facilities alongside the island’s security, scenic landscape, natural beauty, and relaxing atmosphere have made Kish an ideal destination for all holidaymakers.”

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He also added: “The restrictions imposed by sanctions on international relations have also been eliminated with Iran’s smart diplomacy and we will soon see a dramatic expansion of Iran's engagement with other countries.”

The investors also called Kish Island an ideal place for investment in tourism, saying: “We rest assured that the tourism industry on Kish Island will thrive with large numbers of domestic and foreign tourists who travel here every year and this is one of the most important reasons for our investment in the island.”

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