(Persia Digest) – Rizali Khajavi, known as the devoted farmer to most of us, has been hospitalized for kidney failure.

Azbar-Ali Hajavi, nicknamed Rizali Khajavi, has been in our school books for decades now. He came to be known as the devoted farmer in our elementary literature books throughout Iran.

As his true story goes, Rizali was walking along the railway line one night – he was 32 then – when he realized that a landslide had blocked the way. In order to save the passengers, he takes off his jacket in the cold weather, sets fire to it, and starts to walk towards the train using it as a torch. But the train driver fails to notice him and Rizali is forced to fire a few shots with his hunting gun to stop the train.

The unhappy passengers, unaware, get off the train and beat him up. Once he makes them understand that the line is blocked they apologize to him and thank him for his efforts.

His story has adorned the pages of our school books for decades now and it is taught to students as a lesson in devotion and sacrifice.

In 2006, at the third conference for awarding the national statue for sacrifice at Tehran University, Rizali was honored and given the award.

In 1968, the devoted farmer story became the subject of a documentary called “The night it rained” directed by Kamran Shirdel.

Rizali Khajavi was born in the Ghal’eh Jugh village of Mianeh and is now 87 years old.

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