(Persia Digest) – Ali-Sadr Cave is the world’s largest water cave and a natural wonder which attracts many tourists to this part of Iran every year.

Ali-Sadr Cave can be visited by pedalos. It is situated in Gol-Teppeh in Ali-Sadr village near the town of Kabudar-Ahang in Hamedan Province. It has been formed on the heights of Sari-Ghieh (Sakhreh Zard) alongside two other caves by the names of Soubashi and Sarab which are at a distance of eleven and seven kilometers from Ali-Sadr Cave respectively. These are linked to Ali-Sadr via large areas of limestone crystalline layers. Geologists attribute the rocks of this cave to the second geological period, the Jurassic period dating 190 to 136 million years ago. Finds in the cave show that it used to be a shelter for the early humans.

The numerous waterways and large lakes in Ali-Sadr Cave can be visited on pedalos and boats. This is one of Iran’s most beautiful natural phenomenon the likes of which can only be found in a handful of other places such as France and Australia.

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