(Persia Digest) - These days, temperatures in most parts of Iran, similar to other parts of the world, have risen so much that it has become bothersome for many people.

Meanwhile, Iran's Meteorological Organization announced that the hot summer air will persist throughout the country until the end of the week and temperatures in Tehran will rise to 42 degrees centigrade tomorrow, July 16.

On the other hand, average temperatures in Yazd Province, central Iran, have been unprecedented in the past 20 years, increasing by more than two degrees centigrade. The maximum temperature in this historic province of Iran has been recorded in the city of Bafgh, and reported to be 48 degrees centigrade above zero.

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Moreover, Khorasan Razavi Province in eastern Iran set a new record for the hottest day during the long-term statistical period on July 13 and the maximum temperature in Nobonyad, Sarakhs, reached 52 degrees centigrade.

Weather forecasts indicate the arrival of the heat wave to the tourist city of Isfahan in Iran, and this trend will continue till early August. Currently, the temperature in Isfahan has reached 42 degrees centigrade, and air conditioners in offices and houses are rarely turned off.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that, although Iran is a semi-arid, dry country in terms of rainfall, it is a unique country in terms of climate, because the temperature difference in winter between the hottest and coldest places is sometimes higher than 50 degrees Celsius. Due to this, Iran is also called a four-season country.

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