(Persia Digest) – The historic Darugheh House in Mashhad, northern Iran, is an Iranian-Islamic landmark in Mashhad and a significant national heritage regeneration project which has been carried out in recent years.

Darugheh House is on Mashhad’s Darugheh Lane along the pond of coppersmiths’ row off Navab Safavi Street. It was commissioned by Mohammad-Yusef Khan, the darugheh or sheriff of Mashhad at the end of the Qajar era and constructed by Russian architects and builders in a plot of land measuring 1100sqm. The house was designed in the tradition of Iranian architecture where three sides of the courtyard is surrounded by buildings. Russian elements have also been included such as the two staircases and ornaments.

Darugheh House has two sections. The winter quarter and the kitchen are in the basement equipped with heating appliances to provide the entire building with warm air. A fireplace and double-glazed windows are rather interesting and unusual in this old house. Rooms in the summer quarter have wind catchers and a traditional pond where water flows in the tradition of Persian desert architecture to keep the house cool in the hot season.

Evidence shows that this historic house was still a residential building up until thirty years ago. But in 1987, it was transferred to a religious delegation to be used as accommodation for pilgrims. The landmark was purchased by the city council in 2012 and restored. The restoration and conservation project was introduced as one of thirteen national heritage projects in the world in 2016.

Photos: Mohsen Bakhshandeh

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