(Persia Digest) - Bedkhem Church, one of the largest and finest churches in the city of Isfahan in central Iran, was built during the Safavid period in 1306 AH.

The builder of the church was Khaje Petros Velijanian, a famous merchant in the Safavid period, who is buried in the courtyard of the church with his family members.

The church has a double-dome which is covered with gilding and inscriptions of various dates. There are eight windows at the springing of the church dome, and in the space between each pair of windows there are arches decorated with paintings. These paintings depict the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of Christ, and Peter walking on water. The most beautiful painting of Bedkhem Church is the portrayal of heaven.

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The front of the main entrance has a two-storey porch with a belltiwer on top of the church. Materials used in the building of Bedkhem Church consist of adobe and brick. The interior walls of the church are covered with plaster and murals depicting themes from the Bible. The skirting of the walls is decorated with glazed tiles in indigo and blue.

The church is built on two storeys. The second floor is for ladies.

A church with a combination of modern art and paintings

An inscription is written in Armenian script on the church's portal. The inscription mentions the repair of Bedkhem Church at the time of Mozaffar-e-Din Shah Qajar. This church has survived to this day and has been well preserved.

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