(Persia Digest) – Some Iranians are buying bitcoins instead of dollars to spend abroad. The news has been published by the official news agency, IRNA, and confirmed by money exchangers in Tehran.

Shahrvand newspaper in Tehran writes that according to money exchangers, travelers wishing to go shopping usually use the bitcoin because they can only take USD 5000 out of Iran according to law. Therefore, some travelers and businessmen use the bitcoin for their transactions.

Monetary expert, Meisam Radpour, has confirmed this and added: “Obstacles such as sanctions, high dollar rates, and limitations in taking currency out of Iran has made the bitcoin popular among Iranian travelers.”

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Long-drawn sanctions against Iran has brought Iranian face-to-face with many obstacles in transferring dollar and euro drafts for their purchases. But the bitcoin has facilitated their transactions. Furthermore, the fluctuating dollar rate on a daily basis has created great difficulties and cash can be easily stolen.

Meisam Radpour, however, believes it is highly unlikely that businessmen will turn to the bitcoin, because big purchases are still not carried out with cryptocurrency and only mall purchases such airplane ticket reservations, hotel and restaurant bills, and the like are paid for using bitcoins, because industrial countries say the cryptocurrency has bugs such as a lack of supervision and can be used to launder money.

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