(Persia Digest) - Maku's basalt columns are unique columnar jointed volcanic rocks which are formed with the freezing of volcanic lava.

The basalt columns of the Maku Free Zone are located 25 km away from Maku, near Maku-Chaldoran Road, Naderi stone reserve. Maku basalt columns are a unique type in the world that resulted from the freezing of volcanic lava during the third geologic period. Contractions are caused by the freezing of the lava. As a result, the igneous mass is converted into straight hexagonal columns vertically. Experts say the form of the flowing of lava, the severity of the volcanic eruption, the lava temperature and the temperature of the place where the lava was cooled down have affected the form and the size of these stone columns.

Photos: Ali Entezari, Mohsen Rajabpour

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