(Persia Digest) – The Head of the Public Relations Office at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has dismissed reports of an agreement for BBC World correspondent to be stationed in Iran.

Reacting to reports on the internet about Iran agreeing to the BBC correspondent’s presence in this country, Mohsen Haddadi said: “This is not true. Their reporter came to Iran on business to cover the news, like any other foreign reporter. However, he will not be staying in Iran permanently and left the country about ten days ago.”

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According to Persia Digest (PD), the official website of Huffington Post (Huffpost.com) had earlier claimed that it has obtained a leaked email which shows an agreement has been made between Iran and the BBC according to which the British Broad Casting Corporation has succeeded in convincing the Iranian authorities to allow one of its correspondents to work in the country in return for stopping the broadcast of Iranian news on BBC Persian.

BBC World has no resident correspondents in Iran and its reporters have so far traveled to Tehran only to cover certain news events.

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