(Persia Digest) – Persian is the official language of Iran but, of course, other languages are also being spoken in some other parts of the country including Turkish and Arabic. Iran also has other dialects which can hardly be understood even by Iranians. However, Persian has always been a uniting factor among people over the course of centuries.

Here are some interesting points about Persian.

Persian is spoken in 29 countries. This makes Persian the sixth language in the world with the highest number of speakers after Spanish and before German.

Persian Language is the second classic known language of the world after Greek and has all characteristics of a classic language. Latin and Sanskrit are at the third and fourth places respectively after Persian. Persian Language existed one century before Latin and 12 centuries earlier than English.

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Persian is one of the three first languages of the world in terms of the number of proverbs. It is also one of the world’s biggest languages with highest number and diversity of vocabulary. There are few languages which have as big dictionaries as Persian Language with its 18-volume Dehkhoda Dictionary or the 6-volume Mo’in Dictionary. Persian Language has 32 alphabets with the capacity of making 225 million words and this makes it unique among world languages.

Persian is also the 13th mostly-spoken language of the world in the Web and Internet spaces. And the last but not the least is that five out of ten leading poets of the world have been speakers of Persian language.

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