(Persia Digest) – February 2020 will see the opening of the National Olive Museum of Iran in Roudbar, in the north country.
The CEO of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Guilan Province, Shahroud Amir-Entekhabi, pointed out that the museum is located in the Organization’s building in Roudbar in an area measuring 350squm. He added: “All the cameras and display cabinets are in place now, and restoration of the historic building has been completed. The museum will open once old olive harvest tools are in place.”
According to him, displays will include botanical and biological sciences of olives, mythology of olives, brief history of olives in Iran and the world, archaeological finds on olives, traditional manufacture of olive soap, traditional uses of olive oil, using olive oil as a fuel, and cultivation methods and harvest in addition to old tools of the trade.

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that archaeological finds have traced olive plantation in Roudbar, Guilan Province, to over 2000 years ago.
Roudbar town is in northern Iran, next to Tarom town in western Iran which is one of the most important olive production centers in the country.

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