(Persia Digest) - Locho wrestling, which dates back to 1500 years ago, is one of the local sports of Mazandaran Province, northern Iran, which still has many fans.

Locho wrestling is one of the local forms of wrestling in Mazandaran Province and was performed at wedding ceremonies in the past; but nowadays it is performed after the weeding of the field during the leisure time of the villagers, or at religious and national festivals in some parts of the province.

Locho is the term used for a long wooden stick which is erected at the wrestling ground flying a flag. The winner collects his prizes which are tied to the lower end of this stick and takes the stick home as a sign of victory.

It is customary to play music at the beginning of this competition to announce the start of the games. Each wrestler tries to pin one or more parts of the rival's body to the ground. The wrestler who is in danger can stop the game by clapping his two hands together, but he does not have the right leave the grounds. Also, during the competition, hitting the shoulders, grabbing ears or the fingers, kicking, hitting with the palms, and grabbing the rival's flesh are counted as fouls.

Band-e-pey and Savadkuh are among the oldest places where Locho wrestling competitions are held in Mazandaran every year, in the courtyard of the shrine of Hazrat Haji Sheikh Mousa on the 26th of Tabarian calendar (July 19).

Photos: Keivan Jafari

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