(Persia Digest) – The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran has responded to a statement by the US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, in which he denied Iran’s right to uranium enrichment.

Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani wrote in a short note:

  1. Uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes is the right of all NPT member countries and cannot be granted of denied.
  2. The Americans did not have such an interpretation of the NPT. In 2012, Iran forced them to recognize this right before coming to the negotiating table.
  3. Accepting Iran’s right to uranium enrichment was the basis of starting negotiations on its nuclear program, not the outcome.
  4. The P5+1 confirmed and emphasized on Iran’s legal right to uranium enrichment in the 2015 JCPOA Nuclear deal.
  5. UNSCR 2231 turned Iran’s uranium enrichment rights into an international, binding document.
  6. The statement made by the US Security Advisor denying Iran’s right to uranium enrichment is another sign of US bad faith, unilateralism, and ignoring international norms and is void of all legal credentials.
  7. Such statements further highlight that Iran’s stage by stage withdrawal from the JCPAO is its only option in dealing with a country which rejects all its commitments.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that WH security advisor, John Bolton, tweeted on Thursday 18 July 2019: “One of the worst mistakes of the Iran deal, now on full display, was allowing Iran to maintain enrichment capabilities. There should be no enrichment for Iran. Maximum pressure continues until Iran abandons its nuclear ambitions & malign activities.”

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