(Persia Digest) - Iran national men's hockey team was crowned as Asian champion with decisive victory against Kazakhstan.
IRNA reports Iran national men's hockey team won the championship in the final of 2019 8th AFC Asian Cup at the Chon Buri Stadium of Thailand.
The men of Iran displayed a powerful show in the competition at this appealing and spectacular contest, Navid Taheri Rad scored 7 goals, Reza Nooruzzadeh 2, and Amir Mahdi Mirzakhanian scored one goal for Iran.
Iran's national men's hockey team on Saturday reached the final of the Asian Cup with a 9-1 win against Uzbekistan in the semi-final at the Chon Buri Stadium of Thailand.

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In the game, Reza Norouzzadeh scored 5 goals, 3 goals by Navid Taherzadeh and one goal scored by Behdad Beyranvand.
Iranian men's national hockey team coach Abolfazl Yousefi said in an interview with the IRNA Sports correspondent, "We reached what we deserved and qualified for, and we were able to reach to the Asian Cup final. Our goal is to win the final match.”
He added, "As I said in the first day, we do not think of anything, but championship. Iran has more chance than any other teams to be champion.”
The national men's hockey team, an unrivaled Asian champion was in Group A with teams of Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines and Bangladesh, which defeated all three teams.
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