(Persia Digest) - Rig-e Jenn lies between Semnan and Isfahan provinces in Iran and is part of Dasht-e Kavir or Iran's central desert.

This mysterious desert is a great place for adventurous tourists who are interested in experiencing fear and excitement and are curious about discovering its mystery at the same time.

Rig-e Jenn is a desert region full of sand dunes and surrounded by salt swamps, so you need someone who knows the region well to travel to this area.

There are many stories about the disappearance of people in the area and that many who went to this area were never seen again. This has caused the area to be called the Bermuda Triangle. On the other hand, people in the surrounding villages speak of the strange and eerie sounds that are heard from this area. In fact, it is more because of these sounds that this desert is considered to be the gathering place of jinns and supernatural creatures, and that is the reason this area is called Rig-e Jenn [Jinn sands].

From the scientists' point of view, the Bermuda Triangle theory and the disappearance of people in this area are not farfetched, but there is no supernatural power involved in the disappearance of individuals. Instead, the swamps pull in the people who walk in the wrong path. The swamps are covered with sand, so it is very difficult for them to be recognized correctly. As for the eerie sounds, the experts say that these are heard due to the wind blowing through the natural structures that are formed by sand movements and wind erosion.

Photo: Thomas Flensted, the Danish tourist, Ali Sadeghi, Mohammad Shahabi

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