(Persia Digest) - The Four-Season Bathhouse of Arak is one of the masterpieces of the Qajar era in Iran which has a beautiful architecture and eye-catching tile-works.

The Four-Season Bathhouse is a historical monument in the city of Arak dating back to the era of last king of Qajar, Ahmad Shah. This structure was built by Haj Mohammad-Ebrahim Khansari. Paintings and drawings of the four seasons of the year in each corner of the baths is the reason for its name. The Four-Season Bathhouse are the only baths in the country in which there is a separate section for religious minorities. The reason for the construction of this section was that the Jews did not have the right to use the public baths for Muslims and had difficulty for bathing in the past.

This old bath is 1600 square meters and has separate sections for men, women and private sections; the foresight to provide a heat maintenance system and water supply from the aqueducts is very interesting. The private and public bathrooms, the vestibule between the bathrooms, the dressing room, khazineh [large water-filled basin], furnace and the ab-anbar [water reservoir] which has changed due to the bathhouse having turned into a museum, are among other interesting sections of this structure.

Photos: Arash Sahranvard / Mehr, Hossein Habibi Nejad / Fars

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