(Persia Digest) - Haft Abshar is one of the spectacular regions of northern Iran, located at the heart of Hyrcanian forests of Savadkuh near Babol.

In the Lafour forest area in the village of Tīrkan, the natural border of Savadkuh and Babol towns, there is a collection of seven large and small waterfalls that are known as Tīrkan Falls and Haft Abshar (seven falls). This is the most important attraction of the region. Access to all these waterfalls, and especially the main one, requires hiking in the pristine nature of the Hyrcanian forests. These waterfalls are located alongside the river; there is a pond beneath each one, some of which are suitable for swimming. The height of the largest waterfall reaches to about nine meters. The vegetation of the route up to Haft Abshar includes: date-plums, Persian ironwood, maple, tilia, wych elm, cappadocian tree, common medlar, alder and common hornbeam, some of which are native to the area such as the Persian ironwood trees.

Photos: Seyyed Vali Shojaei Langari

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