(Persia Digest) – A street in Sabzevar has been named after acclaimed contemporary author, Mahmoud Dowlatabadi’s novel entitled ‘Kelidar’.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that ‘Kelidar’ is Dowlatabadi’s longest novel and the greatest Persian novel written in 2836 pages and ten volumes. It is the story of an Iranian family who have been moved to Sabzevar in Khorasan. The story is influenced by the political upheavals of Iran after WWII, portraying the tragic fate of Iranian farmers and tribes during a period of dictatorship.

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After publication, ‘Kelidar’ broke records for the longest novel, bestseller, and most costly copyright. Dowlatabadi spent over fifteen years compiling the novel.

The German translation was published in Zurich in 1999.

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi was born in Sabzevar in eastern Iran.


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