(Persia Digest) – The 7th Mango and Jasmine Thanksgiving Festival was held in Minab in southern Iran for three days in which various cultural programs were performed with the presence of the people of the region, with the aim of introducing the region's capacities in gardening, flowers, plants, and handicrafts.

Minab County, with 1,700 hectares of mango orchards, ranks first in producing this fruit in Hormozgan Province.

The time of harvesting mango in the province is from June till August according to its geographical location.

Family businesses and dozens of industrial and traditional processing centers market different types of pickles, jams, lavashak fruit bars, and sauces using unripe mangoes.

In the past two decades, the province’s mango pickle has become a popular brand in Iran and in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman Arab states.

Photos: Rahbar Emamdadi / Mehr, Atef Salehi / Reporters Club

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