(Persia Digest) – Ardabil Province in northwestern Iran has started a number of new projects, including air bikes in a tourist attraction area called “Aznav” in Khalkhal and a magic carpet project in Meshgin Shahr.

Managers and investors in Ardabil are planning innovative projects for tourist attraction. After the construction of a suspension bridge in Meshgin Shahr which became very popular, a glass arched suspension bridge is also ready for inauguration in the city. According to Province officials, this is the first of its kind in the world.

The air bike and magic carpet are also another two projects planned to expand tourism in the province.

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The magic carpet project is new in Iran and will be implemented near the suspension bridge in Meshgin Shahr. It will have a 6-seat metal cabin with a return travel route of 250 meters. Its foundation is made of reinforced concrete.

Investment in the air bike project by the Aznav bridge investor is also in the pipeline.

In addition to the air bike, future projects in Aznav (Khalkhal) include a sled on rails, tube slide, zip line, lift chairs, accommodation in cliffs and caves, multistory park, landscaping, building a gazebo for Aznav spring, multistory greenhouse, traditional restaurant, and many more.

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