(Persia Digest) – Official statistics from Iran Customs indicate that the main destinations for Iranian exports in the spring of this year were Iraq, China, the UAE, Afghanistan and Turkey. Moreover, the five main sources of Iran's imports were China, the UAE, Turkey, India and Germany.

According to Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Iran's exports to Iraq were USD 2.391 billion in the spring of 2019. This figure was USD 2.354 billion for exports to China and USD 1.555 billion for the UAE. The value of Iran's exports to Afghanistan was USD 513 million and to Turkey USD 382.3 million this spring.

On the other hand, reviewing the daily customs data shows that China is still the largest exporter to Iran with USD 2.275 billion. Second place on this list is the UAE with USD 1.535 billion, and Turkey is in third place with USD 1.249 billion. Iran also had imports from India worth USD 1.218 billion and from Germany worth USD 510 million this spring.

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The five major imported data-x-items in the spring were "half-milled rice or white rice," "livestock corn," "soybeans except for seeds," "press cake and other solid offal," and "packaged butter".

The five major Iranian exports at this time were "liquid natural gas", "liquid propane", "gas condensate", "bitumen", and "methanol".

This amount of imports and exports has been recorded at a time when Iran is facing severe secondary sanctions by the United States.

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