(Persia Digest) – A city in Hungary called Jászberény has citizens of Iranian origin. This city is known as a symbol of acuity across Hungary.

The people of Jászberény believe their ancestors left Iran and Caucasus 800 years ago after the Moghul invasion and took refuge from the war in Jászberény. The Alanen tribe are the ancestors of the Jászberény people who are among the Iranian peoples. The great Iranian poet, Hakim Abbol-Ghasem Ferdowsi has also written about this tribe in his epic Shahnameh Book of Kings.

On the city’s official day, Jászberény mayor invited the Iranian Ambassador in 1995 to attend the ceremonies as a representative of their country of origin. The mayor proposed Jászberény

to become a sister city of Yazd in Iran.

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On 29 November 2007, the head and members of Jászberény city council paid a visit to Yazd University of Science Campus in Iran, lectured on the roots of the words “Yas” and “Yazd” and proposed the two to become sister cities. This was implemented and the two are not sister cities. Jászberény city council also printed a stamp for the occasion in Hungary.

The language spoken in Jászberény’s used to be a Persian dialect called “Yasi”. Although Persian has now been forgotten in the city, bu names and words rooted in Persian can still be heard here.

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