(Persia Digest) – Iran’s bird of peace which had been sent to Austria was returned to its birthplace by the Austrian Ambassador on Sunday to nest at the Torabi historic house in Semnan, north central Iran.

White pottery birds were made by children at the Torabi historic house in Semnan as a symbol of peace in December 2018. These were unveiled at a ceremony in the presence of the Iranian President in Semnan.

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These birds were dispatched worldwide with the cooperation of the German Embassy in Tehran to introduce the rich culture of Iran and reverberate its message of peace across the globe.

Many have now come home from countries such as the US, Italy, Germany, and France. Today was Austria’s turn to echo back the message of peace to Iran with its guest white bird.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the handmade birds are a symbol of peace by Iranian children inviting children from other countries to come visit Iran.

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