(Persia Digest) - The 5th Russian International Army Games with the participation of Iran and more than 30 other countries will be held from 3-17 August in different fields in several countries.

About 200 teams from more than 30 countries will participate in these international military competitions. Two categories will also be held in Iran.

Unlike the CISM which is a multi-sport event in which the military personnel compete, In Russia’s International Army Games the competition is between tanks, cannons, artillery crews and other areas where real ammunition is used, and armies demonstrate their ability and speed in their military operations in a real environment.

The Iranian Armed Forces team has participated in previous games and won a number of competitions.

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The Iranian military teams participating in the competitions are a combination of the Army, Guard Corps, and NAJA.

In the past years, countries participated in the games using weaponry made in Russia; but now they can compete with their own weaponry and equipment, and thus, Iran will be present in the competitions with drones made in Iran.

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