(Persia Digest) - Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) has brought a complaint against two MPs for proposing talks with the US in interviews with media outlets.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that SNSC has brought a complaint against its former head, Fallahatpisheh, who had proposed talks with the US during his tenure.

Surprised by the move, the MP commented: “They have mistaken my suggestion of managing tensions with the US with talks with this country.”

On 9 May, Fallahatpisheh had tweeted: “Iran must set its conditions for talks with the US. Transmuting talks with the US into a “taboo” at all levels has turned the Iranian nation’s interests into a toy in the hands of inept European governments. It has put the MEK and Zionists in charge of anti-Iranian US policies.”         

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Following the complaint brought by SNSC, however, he has repeatedly stressed in interviews that there is no window of talks for Iran and the US.

MP Elias Hazrati also reports that the SNSC has brought a complaint against him for proposing talks between a group of ambassadors and diplomats with US authorities including the Senate, Congress, and main political parties.

He said he made the suggestion in an interview with the media because he believes that “countering maximum pressures exerted by foreign governments must not be shouldered only by FM Zarif.”

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Hazrati stated that a meeting tomorrow of the Supervisory Board on Conduct of Members will investigate SNSC’s complaint against him.

He added that the charges have been brought against him on the violation of the prohibition on negotiating with the United States ratification; but he believes that “there is limitation on negotiations with the Trump Administration, but talks can be conducted with other American institutions.”

Recently, President Hassan Rouhani and FM Javad Zarif have also said that Iran is ready to talk if the US lifts sanctions.”

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