(Persia Digest) – The music department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has announced that it will submit a dossier on “The National Festival of Youth Music” for inscription by Unesco.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the 13th edition of the Youth Music Festival is currently underway in Iran. For a period of one month, young musicians across Iran will show their talents on stage for judgment.

Director General of the music department, Mohammad Allahyari-Fumeni, has said: “Pioneer masters of folk music believe this festival is unique in its kind, not only in the ME but in the world.”

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He added: “We are determined to bring this festival to the attention of international organizatios such as Unesco. Registering the festival will raise awareness in the region at the very least on youth music in Iran.”

According to Fumeni, the festival has a host of acclaimed judges and raises hope that the talents discovered at the event will have a chance to grow professionally.

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