(Persia Digest) – The Bazaar of Kashan is one of the most important and beautiful Iranian bazaars which was destroyed completely by an earthquake in the late 12th century AH. However, it was regenerated in the Qajar era and many structures were recreated. Among these are a timcheh and caravanserai built by Jalal Ma'ab Amin-e-Dowleh.

This structure is a roofed bazaar that is located at the intersection of the bazaar known as Mianchal.

Timcheh-ye Amin-e-Dowleh - A fine symbol of Iranian architecture

This timcheh, located at center of the main bazaar of Kashan, has two large wooden doors that open on two sides of the bazaar. The timcheh or caravanserai is on two storeys with a very tall, dome-shaped ceiling with beautiful mosaic tiles.

This high ceiling has bricks and tiles with geometric decorations in Iranian style arches and the elegance and beauty of the colors used in it are remarkable.

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Lightwells on the ceiling and the large wooden doors have added to the beauty of the area.

Timcheh-ye Amin-e-Dowleh - A fine symbol of Iranian architecture

Nowadays, in this timcheh, handicrafts and exquisite carpets are sold, and Hai'ats hold mourning ceremonies in the month of Muharram.

This timcheh is registered on the National Heritage List of Iran.

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