(Persia Digest) - Iran's Minister of Communications and Information Technology said the final test of Nahid-1 telecommunication satellite has been completed.

In his Twitter message, Mohammad-Javad Azari-Jahromi described the achievement as beautiful.

Earlier, the director of Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC) Hossein Samimi said just one step has remained for launching Nahid-1 satellite.

He noted that Nahid-1 project will be finalized and the satellite will be delivered for launching.

IRNA reports that the Head of Iranian Space Research Center Hadi Rezaei said that in defiance of the restrictions created by the US Economic Terrorism, Iranian researchers have prepared a satellite for launching in addition to a sentinel satellite and a telecommunications satellite.

Rezaei said that Iranian researchers have prepared the satellites in defiance of the US restrictions when equipment and technology are not available to Iran.

He said that the restrictions created by the US Economic Terrorism created incentives for Iranian researchers to work hard to promote science and technology and train experts in various fields, creating jobs and interconnect the countries which have space technology chain.

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Based on the up-stream planning, the Iranian Space Research Center has drawn up a roadmap for developing sentinel and telecommunications satellites and stratosphere platforms, he noted.

Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC) is affiliated with Iran’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (ICT) and was founded in 2012 based on the license issued by the Council of Higher Education Development in order to obviate needs of the country in the field of space science and technology, according to ISRC.

The Iranian Space Agency (ISA) has planned to build imagery satellites with one-meter-precision by the end of current Iran’s 20-year National Vision Program in 2025.

The first human-made satellite to orbit earth Sputnik-1 was launched on October 4, 1957 and ten years later on October 10, 1967, the world leaders signed Outer Space Treaty which defines countries’ space borders of exploration, and provides a basis for International Space Law.

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