(Persia Digest) - A different museum to visit in Iran is the Guilan Rural Heritage Museum located in the Saravan Forest Park in Rasht, northern Iran.

Built outdoors in a plot of land measuring about 260 hectares, this museum offers a fresh experience to visitors.

At the Guilan Rural Heritage Museum, it is as if you enter a big village; a village amidst the beautiful nature with each house having a different feel to it.

You get acquainted with Guilan's traditional clothing and household items, see the traditional cooking methods and briefly experience a different world.

This museum can be called the first museum of its kind in the Middle East. It has received several awards and certificates from national and international institutions. It is worth knowing that 35 structures of the museum have been registered on the National Heritage List so far.

Experts call the museum the first eco-museum in Iran. It means that it is a museum created based on the commodities, characteristics and cultural-environmental needs of the region and strives to preserve and foster the heritage, nature, history, culture and industry of a region.

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