(Persia Digest) – Based on figures published by the Statistical Center of Iran, architecture and construction has the highest rate of unemployment among all disciplines, and security services have the lowest rate.

Official figures show that unemployment rates among undergraduates and graduates show a 1.1 percent increase for 2018 YOY.

In the undergraduate and graduate population of Iran, 52.6 percent are men. Of these 72.2 percent are economic agents and 27.3 percent are economically inactive. The population of women is 47.4 percent, of which 41 percent are economic agents and 59 percent are economically inactive.

Unemployment rates among undergraduates and graduates in 2018 for the “men and women” group in Iran was 18.3 percent, divided into 13.1 percent for men and 28.7 percent for women.

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Among the major disciplines, the highest unemployment rates belong to the architecture and construction group (26.1%), art (24.5%), life sciences and related fields (24.1%), processing and manufacturing (23.5%), and ICT (22.8%). Security services have the lowest inflation rate (4.4%).

Out of a total of 13MM and 200 thousand undergraduates and graduates in 2018, over 57 percent (7.6MM) are economic agents. Of these, 81.7 percent (6.2MM) are active and 18.3 percent (1.4MM) are inactive.

In 2011, the number of unemployed graduates and undergraduates reached 901 thousand and 619 people. This figure increased has to 1MM 390 thousand and 749 people over the past eight years.

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