(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Foreign Minister has said that sanctions are not effective, adding: “The US' reason for designating me is that I am Iran's primary spokesperson around the world."

In response to being placed on the US list of sanctioned individuals, Javad Zarif tweeted: “The US' reason for designating me is that I am Iran's primary spokesperson around the world.

Is the truth really that painful? It has no effect on me or my family, as I have no property or interests outside of Iran. Thank you for considering me such a huge threat to your agenda.”

He also sent another ironic tweet addressing the US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and FM Mike Pompeo, saying: “We know that calling for dialog & peace is an existential threat to #B_Team. And since reason for designating me is my words, would "US persons" need OFAC license to "engage" with me by reading my writings or listening to interviews?”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the US Treasury has placed the Iranian FM on its list of sanctions. Steven Mnuchin said Zarif outspokenly carries out the orders of the Supreme Leader of Iran and is the country’s main spokesperson around the world.

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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Seyed Abbas Mousavi, also responded by saying: “This is when contradictions and lack of know-how by the US Administration reaches its zenith. They have said time and again that Zarif has no powers in Iran’s foreign policy and yet they sanction him from a sheer lack of wisdom! The Americans are deeply afraid of Dr Zarif's logic and his art of negotiation.”

Former US Undersecretary and a member of the JCPOA negotiating team under Obama, Wendy Sherman, pointed to Trump’s claim of talks with Iran without preconditions and tweeted: “Sanctioning FM Zarif belies call for talks with no preconditions. Clearly the sop to the hawks since nuclear waivers continued for 90 days. Sanctioning FMs never helps diplomacy. Believe only other is Venezuela. No NK, no Syria, no other.”

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