(Persia Digest) – Iran’s President has responded to FM Javad Zarif being placed on the list of US sanctions by saying: “They talk of negotiations and sanction our Foreign Minister in the same breath.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Hassan Rouhani was speaking on the sidelines of his trip to East Azarbaijan to inaugurate a number of development projects. He added: “Until a few months ago, our enemy believed that our people will surrender to its sanctions and the White House will take over decision-making for Iran. Little did it know that our nation has always won against pressures by enemies in all stages throughout time. It claims that Iran has won in negotiations but lost in wars. That an ill-wisher has accepted half the truth is good; the other half will also be accepted.”

The Iranian President underlined that Iran is not looking for war but has always done its utmost in defending itself. He continued: “Our young people are ready to defend the country as and when necessary.”

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He reiterated: “That the enemy should take such childish steps after exerting what it calls unprecedented maximum pressure on us shows that it is at the end of its tether, unable to seize the moment. They talk of negotiations and sanction our Foreign Minister in the same breath. Of course, they had taken bigger faulty steps earlier by sanctioning our Supreme Leader.”

Rouhani continued: “What does it say when the White House and the President of an administration which considers itself a superpower is afraid of interviews by our Foreign Minister who is an erudite, learned scholar? They claim our FM makes statements that disturb the minds of the American people. How can the statements of a learned scholar scare you to this extent with all your claims of freedom and democracy?”

He reiterated: “We will continue our path to development, progress, and solidarity. Without the shadow of a doubt, our enemy will regret sanctioning us one day. Sanctions are their loss. Sanctions are a loss for Europe.”

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