(Persia Digest) - The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has reacted to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's claim on his readiness to visit Tehran and speak to the Iranian people.
"Instead of making empty and disingenuous offers, Sec Pompeo can accept any of the many requests from Iranian reporters to interview US officials. He has refused til now, as he knows he has to be accountable to rigourous questioning—the very same way I am by the US media," the top Iranian diplomat wrote in a tweet on Wednesday in response to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's offer of visiting Tehran and addressing the Iranian people.
Mehr News reports that this is the second time today that Zarif invites Pompeo to have an interview with Iranian reporters instead of hypocritical gestures.
“You don’t need to come to Iran,” Zarif told reporters on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, suggesting Pompeo instead grant visas for Iranian reporters to travel to the US and interview him.
The Iranian foreign minister also wrote in another tweet on Wednesday evening that "Sec Pompeo will then have to explain why he—& his boss: Call Iran a terrorist nation; distort historical name of PERSIAN GULF to grovel to client regimes; distort even the BIBLE to kowtow to a B_Team member; employ Economic Terrorism against entire Iranian people; and ..."
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