(Persia Digest) - Secretary of the Iranian Supreme Council for Security, Ali Shamkhani, has written an article describing the failure of the US maximum pressure campaign against Iran.

He writes: “By withdrawing from the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal and adopting his maximum pressure campaign against Iran, Trump tried to humiliate his rivals and the international community to prove that he is a different person who can follow his innovative methods to obtain value for money.

The maximum pressure campaign was designed to focus on weakening the pillars of the IR of Iran, namely the Supreme Leader, the people, IRGC, and its diplomacy apparatus.

The sanctions were used as the least costly measure to hit at the roots of Iran's authority. The cold response and resistance it received from the people, the increasing stabilization of the country's economic situation, effective regional and international mobility, and the unswerving position of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution not only disappointed Trump on this path, it also increased domestic pressures from his rivals and the international community in an unprecedented manner.

Sanctioning Iran’s top diplomat after he turned down an invitation from Trump to meet him for talks shows that the train of “maximum pressure” has come to a standstill at “failure station” and its passengers have no option but to change tracks to implementing their obligations and respecting the lawful rights of the IR of Iran.

The active and effective diplomacy of the IR of Iran is not sanctionable and Trump and his hawks cannot block the echo of Iran's expressive voice and legitimacy in the world.”

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