(Persia Digest) – The Vice President for legal affairs stated: “The Iranian government is in favor of women attending sports stadiums. There are no legal limitations on their presence.”

Nevertheless, Laya Joneydi stressed: “The three branches must act in coordination to allow women into stadiums.”

Joneydi, a lawyer herself, spoke about the law regarding the entry of women into stadiums: “I am not concerned about outside events. In my view, if an act has not been explicitly banned by law, it is a legal licence and order for it.”

She continued: “Women have not been explicitly banned from entering stadiums. As such, this is leglly allowed and I see no restrictions for women to enter stadiums.”

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that FIFA has given Iran’s Football Federation until 31 August to elucidate the presence of women in stadiums to watch matches, thus taking the issue to the next level.

Certain conservative organs and powerful individuals in Iran have banned the presence of women in stadiums based on religious beliefs. But there are no legal restrictions in Iran for their presence.

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