(Persia Digest) - Forces of the Intelligence Ministry disbanded an illicit drug trafficking ring in southern regions of Kerman province.

Mehr News reports that Hamed Omrani, the attorney general of Roudbar in Kerman province, said on Tuesday that in a complex operation, forces of the Intelligence Ministry have managed to dismantle a drug trafficking band. He added that one of the smugglers has been killed during the armed conflict on Monday night while one other being arrested.

He also said that some 500 kg of opium, along with two vehicles were also seized in the operation.

Located near Afghanistan which is one of the main sources of opium production in the world, Iran is on the frontline of the fight against drug trafficking. Iran has lost many forces during this fight. Tehran has always asked for international help in such operations, noting that the other countries, especially European states, should take responsibility and play a positive role in this fight or face its threats themselves.

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