(Persia Digest) – The World Cup draw for Russia 2018 took place in Moscow yesterday, placing Iran in Group B with Portugal, Spain, and Morocco. This has been dubbed as the “Group of Death” by most football experts to show how tricky it can be.

Iran’s Team Melli Portuguese Coach, Carlos Queiroz, remarked on the draw: “I cannot be happy with the draw. The competition is tough. The World Cup is tough no matter which group you are in. But when you matchup with Spain as the world champions and Portugal as the European champions things change. This was not my best expectation.”

He went on to add: “If Spain and Portugal don’t slip up, they will be the first contenders to climb to the top. The chances of the other two teams in the pool are very slim.”

AFC website also reacted to the draw by saying: “Iran is the best team from Asia, playing with Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. It is hoping to qualify for the next phase. They have so far not been able to achieve this.”

Iran’s top goal scorer and former Team Melli captain, Ali Dayi, also said: “Iran has had the toughest luck of the draw and things are not going to be easy for us.”

But he went on to add: “Iran has practiced hard with Queiroz over the past years and it is not going to be a gagged and bound team for the competition.”

As reported by Persia Digest, Iran will play its first game with Morocco on 15 July at 18h30 Iran time in St Petersburgh Stadium.

It will meet Spain in its second game at the Kazan Arena on 20 July at 21h30, and its third game will be with Portugal in Saransk on 25 July at 21h30.

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