(Persia Digest) – A suspended bridge near Pir Taghi village in Ardabil Province, northeastern Iran, is attracting many people like the dangerous, trembling bridges made of rope and wood.

It has been built over an amazing valley in Khalkhal.

The bridge measures 70 meters in length and one meter in width. Crossing it at a height of 60 meters as the bridge shakes over the river, the sound of steps over creaking wood, and the

roaring water underneath makes the experience that much more memorable.

It is interesting to know that only one family lives in the village in which the bridge is situated. It was formerly inhabited by researchers who frequented the place to study the construction of a dam in the region.

There are rocks around Pir Taghi bridge when time can be sent rock climbing for a change of air and pleasant memories to take back home.

Photos: Seyed Sajed Yaghoubi

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