(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Deputy Minister of Education has said: “Currently, half a million foreign students are studying in Iranian schools.”

Rezvan Hakimzadeh stated: “Despite the cruel sanctions imposed on our country, we share what we have with our guests. Currently, there are half a million foreign students studying in Iranian schools. As emphasized by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, we have provided the opportunity for them, especially children from Afghanistan, to study here without receiving any international help.”

He continued: “All the Afghan officials I have met within the last few years have stated that Iran has created this precious opportunity for our children without advertising or making any claims.”

He reiterated: “We pay attention to the teachings of Islam and regard the right to education as the right to breathe and the natural right of every child.”

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He said that the Islamic Republic is oppressed by international propaganda, adding: “Alongside the cruel sanctions imposed on Iran, we have a large number of foreign children in our schools alongside our students, and the international media has remained silent about this.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that as a neighboring country, Iran has hosted millions of immigrants from Afghanistan for past decades.

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