(Persia Digest) - Shapouri Mansion or Shapouri House is a mansion in Shiraz dating back to the first Pahlavi era, which is registered as a National Heritage of Iran.

It belongs to Abdul Saheb Shapouri, one of the greatest merchants in Shiraz.

Until the early 1990s, the Shapouri family lived in this garden-mansion, but it was abandoned and no one lived there.

In 1999, the Fars Province Cultural Heritage Organization purchased the magnificent mansion from the Shapouri family and registered it on the Cultural Heritage List of Iran.

The Shapouri Mansion has two floors and is designed and built in the style of Qajar architecture with an approach to free architectural style.

The addition of balconies is not a common tradition in Iranian architecture but it has been used in this structure.

There are many rooms inside the mansion, each with its own function. The innovations used in the Shapouri garden-mansion have turned it into a European-Iranian garden.

The western façade of the mansion has circular and stucco columns with Achaemenid designed tiles on the upper porch.

AT the center of the mansion's garden, there is a beautiful five-sided pond that has given the garden a beautiful sight.

The trees planted in the Shapouri Garden include cypress, maple, plane, fig tree, pomegranate, sour orange, date and rose and geraniums flowers.

The Shapouri Mansion's café restaurant is a cozy and beautiful place to spend your time and many visitors have given it positive reviews.

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