(Persia Digest) - Iran-China friendship music night was held to mark the 10th anniversary of China-Iran Friendship Association (CIFA) on Monday night.

IRNA reports that during the meeting which was organized by Iran's diplomatic mission, chamber of commerce of the Iranian residents in China and China-Iran Friendship Association (CIFA), the two friendship groups performed their works.

The event was held with the attendance of Iran ambassador to China Mohammad Keshavarzzade, chairman of Iran-China chamber Ahad Mohammadi and vice chairman of China-Iran Friendship Association (CIFA).

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Two music bands of 'Raha' from Iran and 'Jasmine' from China performed in the event.

 Each band performed three pieces of music.

The 10th edition of the annual China-Iran Friendship Association (CIFA) will be held on Tuesday.

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